The library is the heart of an academic institution. Our institution encourages all students and staff members to make the best use of the library that has been carefully built up since the inception of the college. The library is fully computerized. Presently there are more than 12054 books and reference volumes stacked for the benefit of staff and students. Our library follows the open access system and is encouraging students to browse themselves the stack area. Newspapers, weekly and fortnightly reputed magazines of are subscribed to enable the students to keep abreast of day-to-day trends. We are using Bar-code technology to issue and return of books.

Journals and Magazines List

01.02.2019 on ward

 JOURNALS                                                                                           PERIODICITY
Indian Journal of Marketing                                                              Monthly
Indian Journal of Finance                                                                  Monthly
Indian Journal Of Management                                                        Monthly
Indian Journal of Economics & Research                                       Tri Annual
Indian Journal of Entrepreneurship                                                Tri-Annual
Finance India                                                                                       Tri-Annual
Global Review of Business Economics Research                           Half-Yearly
 International Journal of Business Intelligence                             Half-Yearly
International Journal of Business Management                            Half-Yearly
International Journal of Management Research & Technology  Half-Yearly
Indian Journal of Research Capital markers                                  Tri-Annual
International Journal Of Business Policy                                        Half-Yearly
Global Journal of Business Management                                        Half-Yearly
International Journal of Logistics supply Chain Management   Half-Yearly
IntL. Jul of Information Technology Knowledge Management   Half-Yearly
Indian Jul of human Resources Development and Management Half-Yearly
Indian Journal of Management and business studies                   Half-Yearly
Indian Journal of Retail Management                                              Half-Yearly 
Journal of Marketing Management & Research                             Half-Yearly 

 MAGAZINES                                                                                    PERIODICITY 
India Today                                                                                        Weekly 
The Week                                                                                            Weekly
Out Look                                                                                             Weekly
Business India                                                                                   Fortnightly
Business Economics                                                                        Fortnightly
Out Look Business                                                                           Fortnightly
Out Look Money                                                                              Monthly
Indian Management                                                                        Half-Yearly